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Welcome on my Blog!
Finally! The idea of continous reporting my "life trip" came up already a while ago. But always there has been something more important to postpone the execution of the plan.

Recently, I have found a moment in my life to sum up everything what happened in the last few years of my life and it turned out that it has happened a lot. For the beginning I would to share with you with a few stories and maybe also you will find some interesting ideas which will inspire you for travelling.

And what exactly happened in the last few years?

1. European Asia - Cyprus and the first job abroad     (Courage or stupidity? The way to become independent after graduating High School)

  | June - August 2008 |

2. All roads lead to Rome - train trip to Italy 
    (Holidays of the railways employee family. To Italy via Budapest, Venice, Rome to Calabria)

| September 2009 |

3. Africa on my own     (I don't care about cancelled flights. Morocco reached!)

| September 2010 |

4. Baltic Countries - students budget holidays     (Who travels during the winter to north-east of Europe?)

| February 2011 |

5. Student's life in the least friendly for students city in Poland    (How to survive in the Warsaw's dorm?)

| wrzesień 2011 - październik 2012 |

6. Marketing and branding in moldovian style. (Chisinau BEST Summer Course -  how to combine business with pleasure)

| July 2012 |

7. Train trip to the Balkans 
(Trips with the most desired InterRail and FIP ticket) 

| July / August 2012 |

8. DAAD scholarship in Düsseldorf    (What is wrong with the German, can this language be learned?) 

| August 2012 |

9. Corporate rat vol.1  (Work in corporations - advantages and disadvantages)

| October 2012 - June 2013 |

10. City break! ("One-day" and other quick trips - how to take advantage of the shifts working system)

| October 2012 - June 2013 |

11. Switzerland by rail and first experience with CouchSurfing
(How to travel and sleep on the couch for free*)

| July 2012 |

12. Corporate rat vol.2 
(International internship - a chance to stands out from the crowd?)

| November 2012 - October 2013 |

13. Surviving Typhoon
(Why it is worth to visit the Philippines?)

| November 2013 |

14. Next stop - Warszawa Ursus Niedźwiadek
  (Why Warsaw can be loved and hated at the same time?)

| January 2014 |

This is just a short abbreviation of those interesting moments with a trace in my memory. 

About what would you like to read first?

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